Newbie looking for wallet help

I have watched the wallet tutorial. And basically looking to clarify, before I accidentally send my Safex into limbo. I’m looking to transfer my Safex coin from bittrex to my Safex wallet. I’m thinking that I can copy the key generated by my Safex wallet , paste it into my bittrex account for withdrawls and presto. Just really want to make sure before I do so. thanks in advance for any help or advice.


Hi Chillewilli,
I have the same question and am also worried Ill make a mistake and send my Safex to cyber limbo.

When you create new wallet address you can send your Safex coins there. After you create it make sure you backup your wallet somewhere safe. And if you would have sent Safex in the future from your wallet you must have some BTC to make the transaction.

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Not to mention, start with a smallest possible amount to your new address. Once you have received the coins and everything looked ok, then do the final transaction.