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How long does it normally take to receive your Safex Coins? i purchase with Option 1 last night and gave them my OmniWallet bitcoin address. I can Find my Public key but havent seen anything about a private key. How do i know if my coins went through? i keep checking on omniwallet but it still says zero. I’m really new to using Safex. Thank you in advance for any info

safex is BTC token. You send coins to your public key and you need your private key when wallet comes.
After few confirmations you can see your coins in your wallet . just put public key here instead of this adress

you have learning section here

Thanks for your response. When i search my Public Key in Omniexplorer it says we cant find this. When i search with my Wallet number it comes up like the one you linked me too but it says i have nothing when i bought SAFEX last night unless its still processing but i doubt it would take this long unless i’m mistaken.

My Omniexplorer :

Yes there is no transaction. you should contact support. but i don’t see any transactions on this wallet address. what i can see you did not send any btc to this adsress

Do you have to send the bitcoin from the same address? I sent it from my Coinbase account. Will that cause a problem

nope. go to coinbase and se transaction id. or just search on blockchain that wallet address and see is there transaction you say is sent.

Hi Tom , I see you know more about this stuff, I sent bitcoin from coinbase to my safex wallet and my safex wallet indicates my bitcoin but zero on safex. Do i need to do something to convert my bitcoin to safex in the same safex wallet i have? Many thanks.

Safex is a coin built on BTC blockChain. You have to buy safex coins on exchange, i suggest you use Send your BTC there and buy some safex coins. Then you can send them to your safex wallet.

I see announcement that they will put wallet update tomorrow so you can buy safex and wait for them to do that and then send it to your wallet. hope it helps

thanks man…

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