NFT concept

Hey guys… I’m sure everyone has seen the crazy explosion of NFT sales going on in the market, and it has sparked many ideas for me to migrate crypto into my current business model with the use of NFT’s as a transaction gate. How hard would it be to setup a private listing/store on TWM that I could provide a link to potential customers to view and transact with?


Hi @zaza

With the upcoming release of TWM V2, I believe something like what you describe should be possible. I don’t know what additional tools or functionality will be available for merchants in this release, but I read that one of the nice features is that you can embed it directly on your website. Not sure how this is done though.

Here is an article by @dandabek featuring a product listing on the Safex marketplace. The product itself is the physical artwork used to create an iconic NFT by Marisol-Vengas; and it’s made available right now on TWM V1:


I’m excited to see what V2 brings! Eager to learn more about how vending will work for merchants. I’ve only been aware of Safex protocol for about 6 months, but building on this chain seems to make the most sense, given the potential for direct peer to peer transactions. If anyone has any specific posts or blog articles that could help me understand the process for becoming a merchant further, if available… please link me. :v:


I expect lots more helpful articles for merchant setup, etc will come online after TWM v2 is released


You’re in the right place at the perfect time :metal: