Not a Miner but an Engineer and question the energy used

New to crypto, I love the ICO and the conception of the new and next thing but have been really baffled about the energy needed to make these systems prove themselves. I constantly try to prove interstellar travel through efficient means. rocketry only getting us to break our own organic means of gravity. above that my true thought is a means of a self sustaining substance to make information and power cheaper or self powered. My mind thinks we are a billionth of a percent in the cosmos so how can we think to make energy work in a means that we make everything work beyond the general coherence?
I guess just questioning how this can truly last or as a current investor (not small) I should think of this as a temp thing with the bubble inevitable or can the crypto world (as researched mostly 20-35 white males in areas educated but poor with no securable claimed money in fiat) can this last ? Again I am in in this like everyone else and want to not jump on the boat where I think we all felt and got into this so just expressing research outside of our community and wondering as ive seen, the outside visions made this world so as an engineer , or business owner ive been told, know what can tank you before others know what can tank you.

Need + will x work + power - cost = result ?

Will a farmer after planting and hard work get a crop ?

Will a farmer get a crop if he does not plant ?

In the end you have to realize that we are limited and not all powerful and can’t control everything.
We have to do our part as best we can and let God do the rest !

There is no sure thing in anything, even if you get possessions they can be stolen !

Well that was my reply, I will let someone else answer you more technically :slightly_smiling_face:

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