Nothing happened,did I lost my fund,used own safex exchange to buy the tokens

Hi team,I am a new investor,I logged in to safex site and I choose to buy safex token from its own exchange and during the process it gave me a address and asked me to send the btc I sent 300$ worth btc and waited for 30 minutes and page asked to rekick timer again,I did and waited for another 30 minutes …btc transaction was complete
ss: 1FZc9vcN9yyirkEgBTgqpxu9q8Ri3iC5p4
TxId: 14a2e8a4691e88c6c38f9e63446d643ecd8265e24e07c232c9b314477c7b0d54
I have not recieved anything ,is my funds lost,is my btc lost?

Please help me ,how do I proceed further

Search this website:

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I have send my BTC from Binance on 15th december and have not received any SAFEX coin in my safex wallet yet.

I think they’ll take care of it, have patience.

Hi freedom,

I dont see anything on the coin address

can you please help its been 10 days

still i havent recieved any safex tokenn :frowning:

I haven’t also, let us wait on a respond.
It’s been a week…but giving them the benifit of the doubt.
They must have a lot to take care of at this moment.

Yeah I am waiting,I hope so

Where is my tokens it’s been 1 month,are u really serious on this issue…

Hi team,this is pathetic it’s been 1 month and I don’t have received safex tokens ,you guys are not serious cheaters

Me neither, my confidence is getting lower meaning I was almost sure the safex team would address this matter or at least guide us to a solution…
I would love a respons from Safex.

Not trying to spread fud, still love the idea about Safex

Hi where are my coins

I also never received…

Where is my coins