Official Pool: Safex have been sent 24h ago, but wallet still empty

Hey there, I testmined a few Safex (49) until yesterday and according to pool, they have been sent:

CLI wallet daemon is synced:

But wallet is still empty:


I used “decode output” in explorer, it correctly shows my 49 Safex belonging to my address:

So what’s wrong?


Hi there, can you show your pool page payment history that shows the payout?

Yes, of course:

And you checked the Safex address you’re mining to is the same wallet address you’re looking at in cli?

If so, I’d recommend doing a rescan_bc hard in the cli wallet.

Yes, I just doublechecked by copy and pasting the address in pool and comparing the address which shows in cli wallet

Doing rescan_bc now

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You may have missed I edited to rescan_bc hard to force it to start at genesis block.

rescan_bc hard is an unknown command, would rescan_bc 0 do the same thing?


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Ah, yes, it was changed during testing phase.

So you restored that cli wallet from seed phrase, yeah?

Hahaha! I obviously testmined Safex before, but since the wallet always showed a balance of 0, I simply forgot!

Thank you @aussiesloth , your help is much appreciated!

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I dont think so: All files regarding Safex have been created on the 3rd of october, that’s when I created the new wallet.

Hmmm wierd. Anyway, glad it was sorted.

But what led me to think that was in the original cli pic above, where it said blocks restored: 0

Led me to think it hadn’t grabbed any from the daemon, which is why I suggested the rescan.

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If in doubt, a rescan is always #1 resolving action. :ok_hand::smiley:

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Rescan from 0 in this case, as a normal rescan didnt solve it at first either ^^

Thanx again!

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