Official Statement About SAFEX Problems?

Can somebody from SAFEX team explain what is wrong with the wallet? I own couple of millions and Im very close to quit SAFEX and start looking for another investment.
Im tired of this bs, no official person gives any explanation on what is going on. There is just some updates on youtube or twitter about what will happen, but no talks about what is happening at the moment. There is clearly something wrong with the wallet, since Bittrex and Cryptopia both have problems and nobody is coming forward to explain what. And also, no explanation about delisting on Bittrex, just a sip of coffee on youTube and thats it.
We are investors of this coin and we deserve to know what is going on.

I think the issue is that this website isn’t used enough by them as a centre point for up to date Information. It seems like multiple platforms of social media are used, and no way of getting up to date info when it comes out, unless you follow all of these different accounts. I fail to see the point of this site if it isn’t even utilised by the people that created it.

I only see random members giving answers here. And from time to time some update/statement from creator of the coin, but i don’t see any questions answered by officials and that sucks.

Last night

Now fixed

Are you still having issues?
Try rebooting the wallet.
Are you on Windows?

Im on Cryptopia

Its stuck on 5/20 confirmations since yesterday

That is strange. I would contact their support to see if they can help.
It is possible that the server went down during your transfer (looks like this happened for all Omni wallets).
Check with Cryptopia and let us know what they tell you. Do this ASAP since today is Friday in NZ and they will be pretty slow to respond over the weekend.

Its not just me. Bunch of people are stuck on Cryptopia with different times. I think that this is SAFEX issue and thats why Bittrex is on maintenance again.

And im daily trader, so having my coins stuck is really bad.

Yeah it suck bro, sorry for you. But it will work out soon.
Please still try to contact Cryptopia, even if just to confirm what you know so far.

Looking at the dashboard

it seems that all Omni wallets are AGAIN under maintenance (e.g. MAID).
Omni have been changing things lately.

Cryptopia support is worst.