Old SAFEX coin migration

I’ve just now set up the TVM wallet and luckily my coins were migrated by CoinSpot during the migration period.

I asked if I would also receive the Safex Cash bonus of 0.0023 coins per original Safex coin and was told no by CoinSpot. They mentioned that as they had delisted the coin before the airdrop I would not be receiving them.

Does this sound correct or do I need to push back on them?

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If that is indeed Coinspot’s policy, then I doubt there’s much you can do about it. You did only buy SAFEX, and by not withdrawing it earlier and doing the migration yourself, then you can’t really complain.

Had they not done the migration for all the old SAFEX they held, you’d have nothing.

I personally think it’s a bit of poor form on their part, because they absolutely would’ve received the corresponding airdrop of SFX for all the old SAFEX coins they migrated for SFT, but then they do have to use SFX to cover the transaction fee to forward your SFT, so I guess they are seeing the SFX as a admin fee, of sorts, that they’re choosing to keep for themselves.

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Agree I’m not exactly in a position to complain too much for not getting it done myself, and if it’s in a policy document somewhere, unless it’s against the Consumer Code, there’s not too much that can be done.

Thanks aussiesloth, I did read a response from you elsewhere confirming they would have received the airdrop. And I expected to lose something in the transfer, but assumed that would have been SAFEX/SFT.

To make it clear, I only requested the transfer today so am yet to see the outcome.


I would expect to receive the 0.0023 sfx from the transfer.

If that is kept as a fee, then

Coinspot had to do the migration and therefore, were the recipients of the airdrop. Considering the prices of SFX today It wouldn’t be too expensive of any amount, and the number of coins is not significant, although you will need at least a couple to do your staking, or any transfers.

At least the good part is that they are willing to give you your coins back after so long being in their custody and thanks the gods that they are still around.

Thank you for the reply Dan.

I’ll be buying more of both anyway as I believe in the project, keep it up the good work mate👌You are correct the amounts are not significant. It is quite good they are willing to return them and be here to do so. I did sleep on these for some time.

I wonder which of the gods would be best to thank, perhaps Fides.