[Old] Safex News mining pool says 0 now

hi i mined about 6k safex cash on the Old Safex News pool now it says 0?! whats going on i need to worry?

Double check your address with both pools.

https://eu.pool.safexnews.net/ (old pool)
https://pool.safexnews.net/ (new pool)

After 14 days, if you havent mined, it won’t show your info anymore. Re-connect to the pool and it should come up.

Either way, the pool only holds your funds until your minimum payout has been reached (default is 2). So any balance should be on the address you set in your miner.


Yea it’s about 3 weeks a go. I reconnected and still shows 0. Well hope I lost noting :frowning: will see in the new wallet.

Minimum payout is 2 Safex Cash. So at worst, you’ve lost 2 Safex Cash. If you private message me your address i can manually check to make sure.