Old SAFEX Tokens

There is a lot of wallets on the old Omni chain that have small amounts in them. These small amounts may cost too much to migrate. If u have these small amounts and want to just sell them instead of Migrating, Private Message me and I can most likely help u. I run an OTC in my mining pool discord and we have people who use it to purchase off exchange


Mining pool discord…ok…let me look for that

Hi there I got around 50k safex coin on coinspot exchange … how can I sell it now … coinspot has stop the trading of it…

Pls help


You can email me gcraftjr@gmail.com or you can send me a private message thru forum.

Coinspot stopped trading of Safex in December 2017. Given that Safex (old coin) is no longer trading on any exchange (and Coinspot are only really brokers), I don’t even know whether Coinspot has access to coins anymore. First thing you need to do is contact Coinspot. Find out if it is even possible to withdraw Safex to your private wallet address.

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Someone said in Discord, Coinspot is allowing withdraws

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Wow. Okay. I’m amazed, actually.

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Yeah me too. But your right, contact them, get the coins, then I can help these guys get rid of them


Hi Guys, I have the same problem. Coinspot won’t let me withdraw to a new safex wallet address. they want me to make an onmi safex address. is this possible and how?

Download version 0.0.6 of the safex wallet. Or version 0.0.7 if you plan to migrate. If you dont plan to migrate, let me know and I can find a buyer for your coins

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they finally sent the coins. have around 15k of the old coins. What prices would you take them for?

We are doing .0025 for the old omni coins. You can email me a gcraftjr@gmail.com if you want to sell them

That USD? Give me a price in BTC?

Its 38.00 worth of btc. It will cost you 25.00 in btc to migrate

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so please confirm the total btc you would pay for 14869 safex

.0037 btc

hey man, aren’t the new tokens trading for much high on coindeal?

Last i paid for them yesterday was 40 sats. We are offering to buy the old Omni at 25 sats. That is just our offer, we are are not trying to offend anyone. We will trade sfx cash for the old tokens as well. The point of this thread was to offer someone usd or btc for coins they were not going to migrate. It gives the holders some return instead of losing all their investments. Again, its just an offer and no one has to accept it.