Old Safex

Hi I got $30 worth of old Safex, I won’t be migrating to new token as its too expensive to do so for that amount. I can sell it for half of the price (if you planning to migrate bigger amount)
If interested reply.

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this is a typical situation, imagine you found a gold mine but people didn’t discover its use just yet;

You can spend time digging up the gold or do something else. Suppose you decided to dig up the gold, and soon everyone wanted a piece of it, but since you don’t want to spend 5$ what might have been $5,000

It’s a perfect story when I paid someone 250,000 safex when it was for fractions this amount was worth around 150$ and at the high water mark this amount was more than 25,000$

The person was reluctant, to take thinking its too much work to understand how to use it. This person even resented me for insisting they take these coins even if just for fun.

So I have no sympathy for you beyond some few anecdotes I mentioned previously. Good luck with your future planning!!


I actually have to spend $25 to migrate 5k safex, so easier is to just buy new safex on exchange lmao.

That’s just life bro, if you had migrated when Btc was 3,500 it would have been better but what if Btc goes to 50,000 then it will be too expensive to migrate 50,000 Safex and so on. Yes I can see a lot of smaller wallets not being migrated and then we will see the real max supply come October. Migration is almost 50% I think those who migrate will reap the rewards.


If you need to sell them, I run an OTC in my discord. Let me know if you want to go that route

well thats just $15 :smiley:
Not sure if anyone wants that, i see no much interest in this token anyway…

If you dont want them ill take them off your hands. Be glad to pay u

sure, but I can’t dm you, you got twitter maybe?

I could also offer switching Safex Coin with IOTA.

Would offer to switch MIOT for SAFEX in a ratio 1:100 if interessted.

Ill take them!!



Sure, only you are offering, everyone else here prefers heaping more safex instead of selling

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@gcraftjr is a real diamond, he once shifted 6k SFX for me because I couldn’t access the wallet. Legit Man for OTC trading.

Send me an email. gcraftjr@gmail.com we get u taken care of

Was a pleasure sir

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Heaping,good term. I like hodl, heap,stack, mound, come 2020, lots of regrets are going to heap up for the doubters. FB_IMG_1562590745928

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@nefroti pleasure doing business with you sir…

@dandabek beat you to them pal…


I can keep up with your meme game as well.


Good one,even frogs know safex is the best investment on the web right now !

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