Omni wallet.

Will I be able to hold my safex in omni wallet once the chille blockchainchain is launched?

Yes you could however Safex is about to release their own wallet. My experience with Omniwallet has sucked. I tried to move some Safex about 12 hours ago to bittrex and it is still unconfirmed.

Actually the delay isn’t omni wallet’s fault. If anything its the BTC blockchain. Or its the omni protocol problem and that will plague any wallet that has sent a omni token. Once its sent it is no longer in the hands of the wallet.


free safex 1015 coins… have fun…

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and unsubbed… goodbye… hello bitcoin

My SAFEX finally made it home! Moved a little on Bittrex to free up some needed cash and going to hodl the rest. Sorry to the little downturn, seems unnecessary, wish I could buy more now.

thanks for your support Rob. I really appreciated it as I was sweating it out.

@dadonn, so were the confirmations just ridiculously long for you?

I’m not really familiar but it was unconfirmed for about 12 hours. Was spazzing because I’m new to this but I heard about it happening before although not in awhile.

This was my first time attempting to move mine, and I was freaking out after an hour. Glad it got there safely. That gives me hope.

Where are you moving it from? Omniwallet to?

I’m moving them from Omniwallet to Bittrex

That’s what took 12 hours. I did the same thing. I still have to figure out how to send it to my nano or wait for the Safex wallet to come out as I just bought more Safex. :slight_smile: That’s my shameless plug. I can’t believe it’s gone down because of a wallet not being delivered right on time but that’s amateur hour for you.

Since I see you waiting so long for getting it from omniwallet to Bittrex, I decided to do my transaction too already. Hope my 170k (its much for me) reaches bittrex soon enough and nothing goes wrong!

yea guys 12 hours of processing a payment, that destroys the usecase of those tokens

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meanwhile the price will go down steadily as it takes longer and longer to come up with the wallet…
prices will dip maybe towards 1 cent again

I’m in the Slack channel with the lead developer Daniel Dabek. The wallet is coming and it’s real. It’s just syncing and it will come soon!

I’d suggest, IF you believe in this project and IF you are willing to invest more, I guess now is the time. With the wallet releasing soon and then on towards the Chilli blockchain, who knows where the price will be heading…


I payed the “faster” amount for fee on the OmniWallet website. After how many hours did you get your first confirmation?

For everyone that will come across this same problem, check this website:[[your transaction id]]

Ofcourse, use your own transaction ID and you will see some details about it. In the left, you can see a button “latest”. If can see the transactions that are sent and you can see if your transaction is almost about to start getting confirmed, because it’s like a queue.

My transaction has arrived, so happy me.