One-click miner improvements

Hi everyone. As mentioned in discord channel, in my free time I am working on adding some new feature to a one-click miner. Here is a list:

  • When you enter an address and start mining, it gets saved locally, so when you open the miner again you don’t need to re-enter address again.
  • Remove pools that are not active anymore (atm will remain)
  • Add the possibility to add new and remove existing pools from the dropdown menu
  • Showing current network hashrate

Here are some work in progress screenshots


Those will be useful improvements, thanks @galicone :muscle:


These two have to be my favorite of the bunch. Not sure if it’s worth it, but maybe even showing your share of the network would be cool. A nice perspective to see how when mining increases people will be glad they had a larger percentage at one time.

Also, a colors design update I hope gets put forward in the works, so it’s refreshed to distinguish for the new version.

Really looking forward to it, and hats off to you @galicone for taking up the reigns on this all important update. Mining is after all the backbone of the blockchain, and the more players mining it the merrier. :pray: :bowing_man:


By showing a share of the network you meant to show in % way?


Excellent guys, can’t wait!


Just an idea, for example if hashrate is 100 and your hashrate is 1, maybe it shows 1% of the total network hashrate. Maybe it’s confusing to present. Just a thought that ran through my mind when looking at the screenshots you posted


Here is a pre-released executables for improved 1-click miner. The purpose of this pre-release is to check newly added functionalities. There are executables for Windows and Mac platform. I am planing to add Linux one in few days (hopefully). Bear in mind that these ones are NOT signed apps, so you will probably get notification about that. Signing will be done by Dan when we go with a full release. Probably there will be also some design changes. List of improvements are described in release notes. I have forked original repository to not pollute releases there.

Please provide your feedback :slightly_smiling_face: