One-click miner improvements

Hi everyone. As mentioned in discord channel, in my free time I am working on adding some new feature to a one-click miner. Here is a list:

  • When you enter an address and start mining, it gets saved locally, so when you open the miner again you don’t need to re-enter address again.
  • Remove pools that are not active anymore (atm will remain)
  • Add the possibility to add new and remove existing pools from the dropdown menu
  • Showing current network hashrate

Here are some work in progress screenshots


Those will be useful improvements, thanks @galicone :muscle:


These two have to be my favorite of the bunch. Not sure if it’s worth it, but maybe even showing your share of the network would be cool. A nice perspective to see how when mining increases people will be glad they had a larger percentage at one time.

Also, a colors design update I hope gets put forward in the works, so it’s refreshed to distinguish for the new version.

Really looking forward to it, and hats off to you @galicone for taking up the reigns on this all important update. Mining is after all the backbone of the blockchain, and the more players mining it the merrier. :pray: :bowing_man:


By showing a share of the network you meant to show in % way?


Excellent guys, can’t wait!


Just an idea, for example if hashrate is 100 and your hashrate is 1, maybe it shows 1% of the total network hashrate. Maybe it’s confusing to present. Just a thought that ran through my mind when looking at the screenshots you posted