One of the best things we can do is get a miner going!

Awsome Marko decided to post here as well!


How sweet it is :rofl: Put out to the Universe need to get some miners going good friend name Dan walk’s in the Door, show him the above post he says Let’s do it! The question is how long did it take the Universe to respond?


there are many other reasons to get involved in mining than the bottom line of $ and cents.

  1. learn about assembling a computer
  2. mining supports decentralizing the network
  3. provides coins to your wallet which you can use readily to play with cryptocurrency/safex blockchain
  4. learn about the cycles of mining, the ebb and flow of miners coming in and out
  5. keep a meaningful connection to track up to date information about the blockchain and safex
  6. break through the ice and pursue more information on the subject of mining blockchains and cryptocurrencies

Are you going to prevent asic mining? As we have seen, asic mining is a big problem with bitcoin. It caused all the mining to centralize in china where they have cheap electricity.

RandomSFX algo is ASIC resistant, by design.

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