Open and free markets

Our lives and activities are pretty much integrated with the Internet whether we like it or not. The Internet has provided opportunities for people like never before. Everyone can agree though that there are pros and cons. While empowering, the Internet has kind of reduced our essence into a digital fingerprint, one that can bought and sold, and essentially infiltrated at will.

@dandabek posted a tweet advocating crypto that supports open and free markets:

Government’s are beginning to take notice of privacy coins and what they perceive as a danger - decentralization and autonomy. We’ve seen China take some drastic measures, and other Governments are also beginning to weigh in on what they will allow and won’t allow. I’ve heard the argument that decentralized Blockchains can’t be shut down, actually I’ve also heard it’s possible but extremely unlikely. Regardless, it remains a concern! Jack Dorsey recently stepped down from Twitter and supposedly he remains committed to the idea of Web3. I didn’t even know we were already using Web2, but in a nutshell Web3 is the brainchild of Dr. Gavin Wood and it’s premise is to transform the Internet to one that is strictly Blockchain based and decentralized. It will be interesting to see if Governments permit this, nonetheless, would Safex and TWM be compatible with Web3, and, if Governments do take a stand against private cryptocurrencies, will Safex and TWM be granted exception status? According to Dan Dabek, although SFT and SFX are anonymous, inherent in the Blockchain is the ability to prove accountability if Government entities require it.

Safex Blockchain and TWM I think maybe are one of a kind at the moment. It’s remarkable to see a working prototype of it here and now. But there it is, TWM v1.5 soon to be followed by v2. But it’s at this next juncture where I think this project may begin to become a lot more noticeable, and my hope is that Safex and TWM have already been positioned to withstand these emerging developments and concerns well into the future.


Governments don’t get a say in it, that’s the whole point. We don’t need them to permit anything. We’re sending a strong message that they aren’t wanted or needed outside a few very limited things that they do reasonably well.


I thought so too, but in Connecticut, U.S.A. the government indirectly got me kicked off of xCalibra because they have not authorized it. I’m guessing they could then prohibit me somehow from engaging in TWM ecommerce, or at the very least require me to show proof of all my transactions.

I’ve been researching as best I can, and some elected officials are not in favor of decentralization and autonomous crypto.


The thing with Web3 is just a buzz word for marketing purposes. In essence we’ve been in Web3 since the start of Bitcoin programmable activities like the first crowdsales and ICOs were on Bitcoin using omniprotocol (back then called mastercoin protocol). (Safe Exchange Coin was launched on the Bitcoin protocol) These concepts were then improved upon (in some sense) and were taken over as concepts and given names and marketed under the ethereum brand, and now many brands.

Safex is literally the ecommerce protocol. While many platforms are enabling all kinds of lightweight protocols people are building, in the end those protocols on ethereum, cardano, solana, etc, those systems are still overlording the small projects that go ontop of them. If there is a large project like link or some other, it is only derivative of the parent.

So Safex is literally one of those parents. There is so much that can be done with the protocol that we’ve built, yet I choose to focus on the main one that is physical goods commerce. Yes we can build a full fledged nft platform, and many elements for one are already present, among other things; however, again there is a screaming requirement for physical goods. Also to enable people around the world, and that circles back to v2 and enabling easy use of the protocol globally, cheaply for anyone.

Physical goods is also very complex and difficult compared to publishing a picture and selling it. There is literally nothing to do except make some code. So, many coders are quick to jump at the ease way out, and just make a digital item, a coin, or a game, rather than transcend the physical realm to deliver a product.

Then the visibility of Safex, is more about the marketing, which we did not do in full force; yet now that we have a nice catalog that is growing, new software, and a maturing company supporting the protocol, and I might add a maturing community <3 I am so glad how we’ve grown… now that these things are in a great place, we can let others in.

This is how we will focus for the whole of next year, on outward growth. The past has been about making code, testing the code, and trying it out. The future is all about using and expanding.

Consider that bitcoin just only sends and receives, that’s it; but it has the biggest head start on marketing, that’s it.

Since we intend to continue expanding the product offering of Xcalibra, we then go for new registrations, after two years of discussions we finally got the Swiss License. The US registrations should be quicker than that, but in the end we strive to cover all of the regulated industry and have Safex as the centerpiece. Government did not stop us, we just want to offer more services like USD deposits, and for that we need additional steps.

Regarding government, like gold was banned, but you can still have gold jewelry, it is a big fear of all crypto people, yet there are no laws violated using these things. So we can continue, and if people abuse technology for crime only the criminals are apprehended, and not the whole of society. An old saying goes: you can’t throw the baby out with the bath water. The same is for these technologies. The same way! that they used to keep the internet in plain text, they don’t do that anymore, they found other clever ways to keep track of activity on the internet; rather than compromising everyone in the clear.

Freedom is a constant battle, and it ebbs and flows.


Glad we have you Dan running the show!

Along with contributions from Aharon, Ivana and others, and yes, the awesome community!

You are wise beyond your years, and truly a highly competent crypto pioneer and entrepreneur!

Because of you, I got with this project and never left. That was almost five years ago. Glad I stuck around, and offered my support when and where I could !!

Your response is a powerful message about the project as a whole. I hope many others have the good fortune to read it !


Yeah there will be a lot of little shut downs and things like that going on, but that’s because what you were dealing with wasn’t Defi. If it were truly decentralized, they couldn’t have kicked you off. It all boils down to this: The government only really has one power available to them when it comes to crypto: Fiat onramps and offramps. Banks essentially. They can shut off your ability to trade your crypto for dollars. In the end it’s all they can really do.

But that carries a heavy risk. Could be that the same thing happens that happened many times in history: We simply use the crypto without trading it for dollars. We trade crypto person to person. If that happens, now they’re really screwed. They’re caught between a rock and a hard place, we’ve got em. Nothing they can do, and they know it. All of these “regulations” are only a kind of fear tactic, to delay the inevitable. And it works as a delay. And yeah, they’ll go kicking and screaming when crypto does finally replace the dollar 10 or 15 years from now. But they’ll still go.