Orbiter wallet problem

And the address you imported in Orbiter ends in 5J1p ?

Yes the address is Safex5zFA8sdBVkFj9aHfG2ag3rLow6WXKoVABNNN4LniHFcDKs4h6cNM8yfAjcBpiPGjPt8D8DRAEAqMgrMwDr6JeZMwTyQy5J1p

Following, same on my end. Thanks.

Actually, you only got it sorted in the grace period, right?

I don’t think the grace period completions have made it onto the new blockchain yet.

Yes that’s right i rushed the step 3 prior to migration and had to reset the migration. Ok then no worries if that is the case i will wait. Thanks

Yes, same for me, will wait until tomorrow to check again. Thanks for the follow-up again.

@jjredd @Dan01 with the algorithm change, the blocktimes became very irregular while we were working through those initial 60 blocks of RandomSFX.

Dan held off pushing the final ‘grace period’ batch to the chain, as it would’ve clogged up the mempool.

They will get done, hopefully this week, and I’ll post an announcement in the forum, if Dan or Rich don’t beat me to it.

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Yes this is an Ubuntu crash report to the operating system developers. This is typical that they enable you to do so.

You have an option not to send the report. Personally I set it to never send these reports because while it has good intentions, I do not feel comfortable reporting issues to the developers in this manner.

This is the same for many software to have a standard crash report sending. However, I am unsure exactly what data gets included in the crash report.

This is not something issued by the safex developers.

I am addressing the versioning of the orbiter wallet, to update all packages to the latest and that may be why there is a compatibility issue. After all Ubuntu 19 is far newer than the release of the wallet, also unfortunately we have not yet figured out the issues with windows platforms; but I hope/believe that the version updates on the packages will address these loading issues on most of the platforms.

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Just following up on this @aussiesloth and @dandabek as I checked my orbiter wallet just now and I have my grace-period migration balance available!!! Thanks again for all your hard work and efforts.:clap::clap::100: