Origin Protocol

Anyone got any thoughts on above? Ecommerce platform with lots of hype, NFT auctions, Mark Cuban etc.
From what I gather they are touting it as shopify on blockchain. How do we think Safex will fare in terms of adoption? Just longer time frame to do so?


Hi @Stevo, the upcoming release of the TWM wallet and the whitepaper should encourage people to take a closer look at SFT and SFX. Adoption will be driven by buyers and sellers if they like the interface, have confidence in said transactions, and enjoy savings and profitability.

Hopefully, there will be ample room for more than one ecommerce platform to survive and thrive! Some of the things you mentioned could also be done with the Safex marketplace. Following the release of the TWM wallet @dandabek and his staff along with members from the community will focus on further and ongoing developments of this project.


Many will try to recreate the ecommerce world onto the blockchain because it’s an obvious industry to build. Instead of Shopify, Safex seems to be more inline with Wordpress/WooCommerce where people can use an open sourced project to build their online store by plugging in an API. The possibilities are endless in this approach.

Keep in mind, about 40% of the websites on the internet uses Wordpress and there’s no “company” that can restrict its users. Shopify can still restrict their users’ accounts. If they’re anything like that, you’ll have some problem with centralization in the future.


There is always room for new tech or products, time will only tell how successful it will be. People will adopt this market place for so many reasons, global reach and secure payment are big ones. Nice for commerce.