Our node is under maintenance pending tomorrow's wallet update August 26, 2017

thanks @fireman, we also need to add copy and paste from keyboard short cuts… that’ll be a novelty in a subsequent release


The communication is appreciated immensely when it’s necessary. Things like major updates are perfect places for your direct involvement. However, I can’t help but get a bit frustrated with people who take valuable time away from you like @aston . I honestly think they don’t deserve any response from you. Going right along with not looking at the price of Safex on a regular basis. As you know It’ll only ever serve as a distraction. Whereas all “adults” on here will agree that your time and energy is far to valuable to be wasted with these forums like this. I think during the wallet release we were all under the impression that @molex would be taking over in filtering the noise on the forums after the introduction video and subsequent forum moderation during that week. So you could focus on more important things in the company.

Finally, @dandabek It speaks volumes about your character that you do take the time to address some directly. But, please don’t feel any need to explain yourself to anyone who isn’t engaging in conversations that are helpful to the project. We’re all rooting for you to bring all your idea’s to fruition and we know that takes a tremendous amount of time management and focus. To which none should be shared for these respect-less day traders.

So to those who don’t understand that creating the first truly decentralized worldwide free market takes time to build. Quick history lesson.


Now leave Dan the hell alone so he can focus on what’s important.


Completely agree with @MrJ

I’m invested in other projects that have absolutely zero communication and in some cases, to a disturbing and worrying degree.

Of my entire portfolio, SAFEX is my favourite investment and I couldn’t be happier to be involved (for my small part of simply buying some SAFEX).

Regardless of price dropping or increasing over time, I’m confident that everything that can be done is being done which allows me to get on with enjoying watching the growth of the SAFEX project.

@dandabek - Thanks for all your efforts with the project. As I’ve said, it gives me great confidence to see you and the rest of the team communicating and delivering exactly to my expected levels. I can’t speak for anyone else, but don’t feel you need to answer every detail on my behalf. If a wallet or release is late by a few days, I can wait.

Keep up the good work!