Our node is under maintenance pending tomorrow's wallet update August 26, 2017


Our node servicing the wallet is down right now while we update it in advance of tomorrow’s wallet update.

Sorry for any inconveniences. Look forward to tomorrow’s updates.

Safex Developers


thanks for the heads up.

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So don’t be concerned with the zero balance showing? ETA?

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Whew! Glad I came across this/ I have 15k safex but it shows with a zero balance in the wallet today… I checked the address on http://omnichest.info/ and they are there. So I guess Im cool…I hope!

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Yes, my balance shows 0 as well… I assume all will be back to normal after the update. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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I have imported my safeX private key to the Omni-wallet, Then backed it up? when I open my SafeX wallet & import the key back, will my coins be in the safeX wallet, even though my balance shows 0 coins? Also, is there & ETA on when the node will be back up?

Your coins are on btc blockchain and they are safe there. Wallet has some problems but they are working on it. Just keep your private keys and you are ok. They will give new wallet update in upcoming days

Thanks. one more thing. I was going to put my safeX on Bittrex, however the omni wallet says there is not enough btc in my wallet to make a transaction. I am not seeing a receive address to put more in it. So, whats the deal with that? wouldn’t it just be deducted from my SafeX balance?

has anyone got their coins back in their safex wallet yet?

Not yet. Still waiting.

Until they officially update. The wallet is currently under maintenance. Wait for the next update to address current concerns.

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Its the same address as the safex address. Both BTC & safex need to be at the same address

The wallet has no way to exchange safex for BTC. The reason for needing some BTC is that safex is an omni-protocol token and they live on the BTC blockchain. As such there needs to be a BTC transaction in order to transact safex. This means a tiny amount of BTC needs to be sent and the associated miners fees.


Mr. Dabek,

I was expecting either an updated wallet or an update from you or a member of your team.
every currency has a functioning wallet. How can you build a market if you can’t release a wallet update? I’m sorry for using this tone but I’m really beginning to question the capacity or competency of the team.

I’m a huge fan and have a considerable amount of money invested.

Please do better

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I think that the biggest difference is that we’re super open with everyone, and you are able to create crystal perfect expectations. We’re online all week and all night putting together the update for you today.

There’s Absolute blindness in other projects. This kind of comments are a bit disconcerting, should we withdraw our openness?


Youre doing great! Screw these people! Good job dev team.


Don’t worry we won’t do that, and any one person can’t stop us. It is more of a question for @aston to consider for himself.

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Just keep doin what your doing, there’s always going to be somebody unhappy until it goes to .50… And then everybody will want $2… It will be never ending…

Maybe why Satoshi nakamoto used a fake name and hid from the world? Lol


that’s exactly why that was done, can’t point the finger at anyone along the way


Nope. Safex coins are on BTC blockChain and they need btc for transactions. Not Until Chill BlockChain has been finished.
BTC address and Safex address is the same from now. Just like on ETH blockchain if you have RC20 tokens. So you don’t have to send safex coins anywhere except you wanna trade them. Then you should put some BTC on your wallet so you can make transactions. Someone correct me if i am wrong.


Very good work SafeX team & I appreciate the openness, Quick responses, & over all effort on this awesome idea & concept. You communicating gives peace of mind & allows patience to prevail. Happy to be apart of helping SafeX manifest. Nice wallet too. I have a suggestion. It would be nice to have a zone in the wallet that tells you your balance in fiat. Thanks again