Wallet HELP!

No way that I’m aware to recover your password if lost.

I did not want to create different topic that is why I am asking here. I installed the wallet and I am racking my brain what does this amount of bitcoin mean beside SAFEX amount. Is to some bug or maybe avarge price what I bought - cause it is possible :)? Thanks for answer

My understanding is that the type of wallet “omni” uses a small amount of btc to send Safex. This btc amount is essentially linked to the same address as your Safex. Shortly the wallet will be fully functional when you can send btc to your Safex address to store. As of the most recent updates I’ve seen. This is not functioning yet.

Still lost.

I have a similar issue. My official wallet says my balance is 0, but the onmiwallet confirms that it contains some coins.

Given this, how can I send some coins elsewhere?

Please read the updates section of the forum

Ah, thanks for the quick reply

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All my coins are missing as well…wtf?

I sent a test amount of 500 SAFEX from Bitrex into my wallet and see 0 in it. Do I need to send a small amount of Bitcoin first?

No, you pay on BitTrex to send to your Safex wallet.

I can’t send my safex to my bittrex. The fee rises to 0.004 instead of 0.0001 . WHy is this?

Hey, I’m having the same issue. Did you find a solution?

you can choose different fee settings… These are recommended fee settings for the current state of the Bitcoin Blockchain. If you choose a different fee your transaction could take days to clear if you use a fee less than “slow”

12 PM15 PM19 PM

You can even type it in manually…
27 PM

^^ not recommended


First of all i’m totally fan of this project and really want to give you a comliment on interacting with the community. But sorry i don’t see this function of ‘’ fast, slow, and med’ in my Safex desktop wallet. Looks like my coins are stuck. Will the wallet automatically update itself? When will it be operational again? Just transferred € 1100,00 to the wallet 4/5 days ago, but now i am worried this wallet is not working properly. Please advice.

It’s weird, so many people claim that wallet isn’t working properly… When the wallet came out, I was able to send coins in and out without any issues. :smiley:

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You will need to update the wallet from the Safex website. Delete the previous wallet icon on your desktop. After installing the update a new wallet icon will appear on your desktop now. Use the newly created icon to access your wallet. No backup necessary. But, Don’t forget to use the new encrypted backup feature located in the new cog icon to further secure your safex.

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Thanks MrJ! V.0.0.2 is looking good and functioning.

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You can’t recover your password, unfortunately :frowning: we hope you saved your Private Key beforehand


It’s all good. It was very simple… i just downloaded the wallet again from safex.io After that i could just log in with the same password. And then i made two download from the new wallet exporting the keys/back up to my offline hard drive. Good job on the wallet update. Keep up the good work. The new wallet will bring back more trust to the community.


Glad to hear it. @vacsetron