Our own safex market AUAG 250 sats per trusted bitcointalk seller

Lets just start our own safex market. I will sell some of mine to start liquidity go to



I’ve got a small portion I’d be willing to sell for those who need but do not want to pay the 925 sats on safex.io.

Price : 305 Sats
Amount : 35k

Hello AuAg,

I am interested in buying some Safex coins. I have 0.07467996BTC how many safex do you sell for that?

I’m interested in upping my Satoshi assets. Will PM for details…

I am more than happy to buy more safex if anyone wants to sell me some for 60 SATs… can’t blame me for trying :slight_smile:

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Free market to its best :wink:

Tho hoping Safex stabilizes at $1 when it goes into mass usage…

I can sell 1.5 BTC worth of Safex at 300 sat per safex.

Anybody willing to sell safex? Offer your price.

I’d be willing to sell up to… 40000 of mine (yes, I have more). Also, how would this work?

Id buy something, but how do we set up trust between us?

You’re not around Pittsburgh are you?
Otherwise - it is my question as well…

Продам 6745 SAFEX

Rule of thumb…I would say those who have been here for a while aren’t going to be looking to scam anyone…for newer people of course…that is more fraught with the potential for being screwed over

Ignore my post I miscalculated

Yeah 200 SATs is lower than my offer - I can say that. If you guys trust them it’s a good price given uncertainty of price direction if it gets relisted.

Also, daveyboy that is a good idea about if you’ve been here a while. (Though it excludes me)

I guess I’ll just hold mine, unless someone wants to take a chance…

Anybody desperate to sell their safex tokens?

Why is anyone even considering selling there safex ? I have half a million if u want mine $1 per safex… has all the long time beiliever holders gave up also and want out ?

We need dan to fast track safex blockchain and get a working product and watch it fly :slight_smile:

Safex has got extra rare :slight_smile: $1 a safex


where do you sell it ? now there is no market that sell safex

Sell right here…all of mine is for sale at $20.00 each…problem is finding buyers…ha ha ha …couldn’t resist.


I am selling 33300 for sale @ 275 sats = 0.09139185 BTC.