Outrageous Bittrex Transfer fee

I just purchased and transferred 5,900 SAFEX to my wallet from Bittrex. Bittrex deducted 100 SAFEX as the transfer fee. Guess I will go back to buying SAFEX on Cryptopia. That’s is a ridiculous fee!

Is the fee fixed 100 safex or is it a percentage?

I have no idea. Cryptopia just changes 1 SAFEX and I have transferred up to 50,000 to my wallet at a time.

It’s a minimum fee which equates to 1 USD. It seems like a lot because you’re only transferring 5900 SAFEX.

I wouldn’t say it’s a ridiculous fee, just not as good as the 1 SAFEX fee you mentioned.

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100 SAFEX is not bad at all when compared to BTC fees. I also noticed that transactions in Cryptopia with their 1 SAFEX fees take longer time to arrive in your wallet than Bittrex with higher fees.
Bittrex = High Priority tx
Topia = Low Priority tx