P2pb2b Exchange

Hi Dan, i have tried to withdraw SFX from p2pb2b exchange but withdrawals are not available at the moment. I contacted support and they said to contact project directly. I really want to transfer to my wallet so i can make some purchases on marketplace. Do you have any update on this?

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Hello! While you wait for an answer from @dandabek , I advise You go to XCalibra and buy Safex there. Their Safex deposits/withdrawals get “through” in a few hours :))

I have enough SFX i just need to transfer it, thanks.

i think you should go directly to the exchange. Dan is not incharge of the exchange…

I did they said speak to project directly. My coins are stuck and nobody seems to know how I can get them off the exchange.

Can you go round about way and transfer Btc to to XCalibra

There is no volume on exchange to sell them to USDT, buy BTC move to xCalibra, buy SFX and then transfer to my TWM wallet. I would like to just transfer from exchange to wallet to spend.

Fair enough

It’s not really a solution either.

Withdraw should work, but it’s fishy that the exchange refers back to the project. It’s there job to integrate their withdraws, the blockchain works as it should

Dear Trader,
We can only confirm that Safex is still being under maintenance and all operations on it are temporarily suspended.
As soon as the maintenance of this token ends, all operations on it will be available.
Please follow the news in our telegram channel or on our website.

This is controlled by the exchange and not in dans hands… You would need to get them to respond to you directl.y

Could Dan as project leader not let the community know what is happening with this and the other recommend exchanges he said we were launching on earlier in the year? I know he is busy but it would take 10 mins to explain as I d imagine I m not the only one with SFX locked on them. How do you know if there has been contact from Dan with exchange or not?

there are some that is in the plans of being launched… if you want real safe go to xcalibra

They allowed transfer of SFX in so it was launched? Question has nothing to do with xcalibra, it’s to do with getting SFX off an exchange that Dan said was launched on 8th March 2021 update.

It is my understanding that the “technical work” or “maintenance” is being performed by P2PB2B exchange.
I don’t think they mean contact “safex” project…
But it is a poor choice of words on their part.

Try and contact them on their telegram channel or website ?
At least check for info there.