Partnering / integration with other projects

Hi community and devs,

Just some thoughts here.
We all know SAFEX is going the best solution for having decentralized marketplace and payment system.
However i feel we should allways be on the look out to partner and or integrate with other projects that operate on the edges of the scope of this project.

I came across the project (still in early ico fase though); what they are doing according to their site/paper:
Elementh’s goal is to create an alternative protocol for the development of decentralized applications used
by e-commerce, providing a standard quality nomenclature, guaranteeing ownership of a particular product and the ability to create specialized smart contracts for e-commerce.

In other words, they are building a blockchain of standerdized products which will alow for (among other

  • Have a well organised and user friendly products database (standarized nomenclature)
  • Track ownership of goods
  • Tracking the movement of goods
  • Act against counterfeit/fake products
  • Search for goods by geolocation

This blockchain can be used by other (d)apps and they are targeting to partner/cooperate with e-commerce projects (not necessarily to compete)

Unless the safex marketplace/blokchain will have this of its own, i think this might be of additional value
to our marketplace. To have it well organized and give some form of security and quality to buyers.
Having standardized products will also make it easier to price-compare the same products from different
I can imagine that a seller could have an option to list products from the Elementh blockhain.
And buyers could have the option to search for Elementh products
I say could have, because we should not be fully dependend on any other projects.

How do we feel about exploring the possabilities of some form of cooperation / integration?
I know its still early in their project now. But I mean somewhere in couple of months.
Or do we want to have this kind of functionality in our own blockchain?

Like to hear your opinion on this.
Maybe we can use this thread to signal for other opportunities aswell