Password Mysteriously no longer works

I completed the migration a while ago. I followed the wallet info and I staked my SFT without issue. All was going slow, but well. I have been using the TWM wallet (V 1.0.0) without issue until recently. I attempted to open the wallet and it now tells me that my password is incorrect.
Here’s the steps I’ve been doing (which have always worked);
Open TWM
“open existing wallet”
“Select File Path”
use “WALLET.keys” file
Set connection as listed/autofiilled
then I type in my password and get the following error “Looks Like You Made a Mistake. Please Try Again”

I haven’t changed my password and I’ve gone over the typical silliness of checking capslock, function buttons etc.

Now I’m gun shy to try anything else. I’m looking for help before I try to “recover wallet from keys”. I have my public keys (spend/view) and my secret key. I can not locate my 25 seed phrase right now.

What is the proper process to recover wallet from keys and will this process allow access to my current wallet with staked coins?

Thank you in advance for any help!


Hi there. The whole point of keeping good backups is because a file can mysteriously corrupt on your PC. It happens.

If you can’t currently find your seed phrase, then you can certainly restore from your private keys. However, the v1 version TWM has a bug where restoring from keys doesn’t allow the password to save - meaning you have to restore from keys every time you want to access your wallet, until the next TWM version is released.

To restore from keys, just select that option when you start TWM and follow the prompts. You don’t even need to delete the old wallet files - just select a different walletname during the restore process (not that you can reopen it later, due to the bug previously mentioned).


As another idea… even though Orbiter is now obsolete and won’t sync to topblock, you can always still use it to restore via keys, just to go in and grab your seed phrase.

Then use the seed phrase back in TWM :smiley:


Thank you for the quick reply! I really appreciate the help. I was able to restore with keys on Orbiter and grab my seed phrase :slight_smile: Got back into my TWM wallet and all is well. The “accrued SFX” seem awfully low. But I’ll go research that information on the forum. Thank you again!


Accrued SFX relates specifically to marketplace sales, and as yet, things are still ramping up with TWM.

Keep an eye out for the TWM v2 release, which will also signal the rollout of mass product listings by TWM Inc and the onboarding on new merchants.

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