Patience is the KEY - Just wait for Safex blockchain

First of all relax , Safex is here to stay . I believe everyone with some mind can see that .
So Please don’t wasting yours and the SAFEX Team’s time by asking for new exchanges , airdrop and many other irrelevant things.When the time comes the SAFEX team will explain everything about the burn,airdrop,mining. They always do.
Just let them work, keep calm and the safex blockchain will come,new exchanges will come and of course the market place. 2018 it’s just the beginning of a new era , watch for the mountain and not the tree.

P.S. If you are daytraders you must accept that if you want profit you must wait but will be glad if you sell now and leave.

We have see coins without any use with less developers reaching 1billion market cap which is insane, SAFEX has already 252.665.302$ Market cap , so 1 billion easy peasy.


Another reason why you want to hold on to your safex tokens:

I agree with all that was written, but I must comment on the stated market cap, which is incorrect.

Current Safex market cap based on the TS price (the only exchange) is 0.0137$ x 2,147,483,647 tokens = 29,420,526 USD.


I wouldn’t say “easy peasy”, but definitely possible.

For now… bitcoin team is working on privacy.

Patience is the key, as McAfee explained in his tweet :smile:

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