Petition - Cryptopia Apology

I recently saw that @dandabek posted a petition on his twitter as an apologetic gesture towards cryptopia as a means of trying to resolve the issues caused by a small minority of members here.

If you everyone could sign it and write a sentence just apologising on behalf of those minority so we can continue forward with resolving this issue so we can put it past us and focus on what really matters here as we are a mature bunch!


signed. everyone please do it

Signed. Please go sign.

Signed !

Did John McAfee sign ?

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Let’s all come together as the great community we are to show our support for this project, Dan Dabek, and to Cryptopia for always faithfully representing us on their exchange.


just signed… this is so demoralizing for SAFEX hodlers.

@ SAFEX : Please guide us asap. People are losing money and patience.


Please don’t make personal statements in plural


Signed of course. So did all other email accounts that have ever received emails that I would want to receive. Dig deep guy and remember that 13 year old hotmail account :slight_smile:

who is losing money ? you mean you are losing perceived profits from a pump ? and I’m sure most others understand the situation so please dont generalise

Good job friend! we need to hit the 1000 signatures and we greatly appreciate your efforts!


I am generalizing because of same comments from other investors. If my coins from BITTREX (who were genuine enough to give us warning weeks before) didn’t transfer to cryptopia (because they Delisted the coin without warning) people will be losing money RIGHT?

Exchanges should be genuine enough to give us few days prior warnings because they cannot just do whatever they want. No one is taking responsibility.

signed! thanks Dan for organizing it

To be honest I think 1000 target is pretty ambitious. A lot of people day-trading obviously arent going to see or care about this petition.


I am sure most of you have more than one email address and know how to delete cookies. One vote is great… 4 is better.

I need to know that the money I sent out to address to get the coins yesterday? Well it get resolve @dandabek??? It’s just there. Will I get it back somehow??

wo entschuldigt man sich oder unterschreibt.bei

Seriously, this is pathetic. How an asset, coin etc can be delisted on the basis of internet war of words is the very reason people will get out of crypto trading
People buy on good faith only there is no ready market to trade,and why ? Because people r not happy with each other

Stay with the strong multi billion dollar capitalised coins and stay clear of light weights. I’m stuck with100,000, in light of things no big deal

I’ll wait to see outcome

Day traders with little $$$ back ups are the problem thinking they will make a fortune from their $2000 investment

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I’m not sure how a petition is going to help, they’re a private corporation. While their admin may seem a bit immature, this is just a business decision for them. When they get 1000 support tickets and legal threats, that costs them money. If that cost is more than what they make off of their percentage of trade volume, they can’t justify keeping us on the exchange. It’s that simple.

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There is how our community was offensive. It’s so lame that we need to apologize.

Anyway, signed for sake of safex.

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Childish, oh btc went from $10 to 20grand made everyone million arrhhh why my safex not making me millions over night let’s blame the exchange cause of what I invested,
Lol, how many times I’ve seen it read ONLY INVEST WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO !!! Simple research what your investing in, don’t bag your investments out support it…
support your investment it’s the individual that invested no one put a gun to your head saying buy it buy it now now now lol laughable…

How old are these people ?

Safex it a new company coin exchange if u invest support it spread the word kick back wait a year or so…

Those who support it in a year or 2 will have the last laugh :slight_smile: and those complaining now will definitely have something to complain about if it takes off once chillie blockchain , exchange it up and running