Pirate ship

Hi guys, just wanted to say that Dan and the team are doing a great job! The consistent updates along with the model itself gives me great confidence in Safex! I plan to accumulate 1 million by the time the Chille blockchain is launched.
As I have invested interest in Safex succeeding, I would like to say this.
It is my opinion that the pirate ship is off putting for anyone who is hesitant to get into crypto. Although I do honestly like the design, I believe that figure that represents safex should represent trust and honesty as a pose to theft rape and pillage.
My initial thought as I first explored the site was that it seems untrustworthy. I’m very happy I delved deeper and saw the true potential of Safex. Others may not delve deeper and that is a concern to me. First impressions are critical if Safex is to be widely adopted.
I hope I haven’t offended anyone but it needed to be said.
Other than this, I cannot fault what Dan and his team are doing and I am super excited for what is to come!
Thank you!

Hi kyebagshaw

Do you relly feel this way or is it just something to post about? I wouldnt say its a pirate ship, i dont see a pirate flag, nor any cannons or anything else that would indicate that.

I think the ship is great, its symbolizes for me atleast that we are in open waters with many directions to choose from, we dont see land just yet, but in the distance we can see the silhuette of something great! Wich for me is Safex Island :slight_smile:

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Yeah good take on it mate.
Someone said to me it was a merchant ship which made me feel so much better about it.
I stand corrected hey.
Didn’t thibk id change the way I felt about it so quickly.

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