PLAAK Exchange to list Safex on 1st June 2018

The team over at PLAAK Exchange has confirmed the listing of Safex Coin on their Exchange from the 1st of June 2018. This will be in BTC/ETH/Fiat USD and PLK pairs.

They’ve also confirmed their commitment to listing both Safex Token and Safex Cash as soon as realistically possible after the new blockchain launch.

Really good news! Everything is moving in the right direction for Safex!


Who has downloaded this app yet? It is wild

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It seems Plaak are having some problems, can anyone update us on what the current situation is.


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Looks like I missed out on the first 1,000 registered. Tried very early but got no reply

Actually its a great news.

Yes me too. These things happen. Better like this than find out your account is hacked. Security is a top priority. It was not easy for Plaak to tell everybody to wait a little bit more as they too rather opened the exchange to the public. It was the best decision. Soon they go live and everybody is happy!

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Thanks again for your advice

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Hi, a new exchange is about to launch that’s listed on the asx a australia exchange company.
Can we get safex listed on byte exchange

Any exchange in Australia requires KYC and has to report all Australian users to the ATO and if you do not file a tax return with evidence that you traded then watch for an audit. It is one reason I do not trade and only hold from before it was speculation.

NOTE: not your trading details but some indication that you were trading in the tax year. (eg other income/losses)

Ok fair enough, so we’re better off trading with a overseas exchange

At this time I would recommend it. Also it would be a good idea to see what needs to be done.

Has anyone got a Plaak exchange account active