Please help ! its urgent

Please provide me support email address i have not recieved safe token ,checked in omniblock explorer…can anybody help how to get it

Please provide me alternate support and also phone no to contact them

vivek Hv

Did you send it to your safex wallet?

Maybe we can help you if you explain the problem. Have you bought tokens? Did you send them somewhere? Your message doesn’t give us any information.

Hi team,

I dont see anything on the coin address

can you please help its been 10 days

Hi team,I am a new investor,I logged in to safex site and I choose to buy safex token from its own exchange and during the process it gave me a address and asked me to send the btc I sent 300$ worth btc and waited for 30 minutes and page asked to rekick timer again,I did and waited for another 30 minutes …btc transaction was complete
ss: 1FZc9vcN9yyirkEgBTgqpxu9q8Ri3iC5p4
TxId: 14a2e8a4691e88c6c38f9e63446d643ecd8265e24e07c232c9b314477c7b0d54
I have not recieved anything ,is my funds lost,is my btc lost?

Please help me ,how do I proceed further


Hi team please help