Pool cryptominingpool.net closing down

Attention Miners:

*The Safex pool for safex.cryptominingpool.net will be *
*shutdown on 11/27/2019 at 5pm. *

*If you are mining on this pool, please divert your mining *
to Rich pool at safexnews or Osiris pool at minesfx

*Please lower your payouts to the minimum so they will clear *
*before I shut it down. *

*I appreciate everyone who has supported the pool and I *
*have enjoyed helping you guys mine SFX this past year. *

I will still run a discord for safex discussion if anyone
*wants to join… A member in the Safex Discord can get you *
*an invite… *

*Thanks again for the past year… *


Shared for the info of the community


Would like to take the opportunity to thank @gcraftjr for his time and efforts running this pool, and his advice and knowledge passed to the mining community.


It was my pleasure. I will still be around to help anyone needing help going forward as well.