Pool misbehaving


https://pool.safex.org/ is acting weird for me, anybody else ?

Current Payout Estimate was not gradually transferring to Pending Balance It went as high as 188 but it disappeared and did not transfer to pending balance !

What is going on ?

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Yeah, it looks like the maybe the node for the pool fell over, but it has all been restored now.

And the estimated balance and contribution % both continued increased, but without the node, there’s no blocks found during the problem, so no payout for those estimates, of course.

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The issue has recurred, but is again being addressed asap.

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OK thanks for the info !

Keep me, us, updated.

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Pool not showing correct hash rate.

Yes, frontend is a bit wonky, but mining seems to be unaffected and pool payouts are still happening.

All good now !

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