Poor mining probability

I bought my gear knowing it wouldn’t be profitable, but it’s turned out to be worse than I had even imagined.

I calculated that it would be over 5x cheaper to just buy the SFX using the electricity cost. With the cost in gear, I could purchase about 250k SFX.

Is everyone just mining at a loss? Or are there places where electricity so so much that it’s basically free.

What gear

the interesting thing is that, if everyone did exactly that: bought sfx instead of mine it the price would be incredibly different you would never get so much quantity.

Mining in early stages of any coin has always faced this same issue.


6x1070ti, should have probably gone rx580 though cause of cryptonight.

Given the emission curve, mining safex would probably be less profitable since less supply is emitted initially.

I’m guessing once the marketplace comes out & people start needing SFX, the price would increase, leading to more miners and a more robust network.


that’s correct and in September increase of rewards.

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