Positive idea for SAFEX blockchain

If anyone is out of the UK you would have seen the collapse of Carillion one of the largest Facilities and construction companies in the UK. But what people won’t be aware of is I warned people 3 years ago as I specialise in analyzing contracts.

Now as a SAFEX project I have an idea that would change the entire market of asset management from companies requiring services to buying from an electrical store.

Access to real information relating to servicing, maintenance and real lifecycle modeling. When someone manufacturers something due to the data stored in the blockchain you could do real comparisons for failures. E.g. how many Audi’s of a specific age and type develop electronic faults. What parts are prone to failure and when. Right down to how much everything is really worth which gets back to my initial point. I valued many contracts and they were not only unsustainable but had major flaws because they couldn’t be delivered including some major equipment failure risks. At the same time on the blockchain knowing what everything is in a building you can put real valuations to contracts that can’t be tampered with. You can also see that certain things haven’t been serviced correctly (for example air conditioning signed as serviced and in good working order. But no records of it ever receiving filters, belts or anything else which would be allocated to its servicing).

Just a thought as I have the knowledge and ability to put together the Asset side but I am not an expert on blockchain technology. Yet this information is worth billions a year and currently its badly done, heavily manipulated and this truly could disrupt so many industries.