Possible types of network "spams" and how to avoid them

Hey Community,

Since we are hoping to see a growing marketplace in the future with many listings and product descriptions, the goal should always be to keep the “spam-level” on chain low (Dan says growth of the blockchain due to mainstream adoption will not be a problem - I don’t know if “spam-attacks” are taken into consideration here). Maybe we could gather possible ways of spam and how to defend the blockchain from those. I will start:

A “spam-attacker” might flood the blockchain with spam-listings containing very long descriptions. Can there be a maximum limit of characters being in the description ruled or is there already? This would reduce the amount of this spam-type to a certain level.



Transaction fees should be a partly defance against it. There is no free way of spamming a ring signiture blockchain as far as I understand cause there is a fixed minimum transaction fee per kb

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