Potential dividend earnings ~ Speculation ~

Potential dividend earnings off just .1% of total supply at a listing fee rate of 6% with a yearly sales produced of $9B.

  • .1% Supply of Total Supply = 2,147,483.65 Safex
  • 6% of $9B yearly sales = $540,000,000
  • 2,147,483.65 Safex earns 1yrly = $540,000 in Chille Coins
  • @ currenct Safex value of 261 it would cost 5.61894466 BTC = $15519USD to acquire .1% of total supply

Note that Amazon had $135.99B sales/revenue at the end of 2016. Do you think Safex has what it takes to surpass Amazon yearly usage? Looking at the uniqueness and problems/gap in the market Safex is filling I believe it for sure will.

Here’s a link to the Safex.io dividend calculator. https://safex.io/


awesome post ill outline this in a video


Think of noting that the market space of Safex is infinite and you can find anything from crop to labor to freighters. This has been noted by Dan. I haven’t read or watched your material but another interesting pointer is the gap the chain closes for people living in segregated areas created by their government.

Awesome man, just recorded a quick video. I’d love some feedback. Let me know if you’ve got more ideas to get the word out there. :slight_smile:

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