price below one cent soon

price below one cent soon, price will tank big because of uncentainties, this is a new coin, cannot withstand stupidity…
price will tank, expecially if the wallet is not there today… beginning of the week… people will sell

Yep, a wallet with few to no bugs is pretty necessary. Saw a pretty good spike yesterday, I think the peak was ~3 cents.

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People will see that it was a small hype… 3cents is way overpriced for a walletless coin…

I mean this is speculating on when the wallet will come out… crazy

I think you have to take the long view, and the long view for SAFEX is pretty sound, if you look at the people behind it and the reason for the coin. If you’re a day trader, you wait for it to go up some then sell off. If you’re in it for the long haul, it’s a pretty good bet- I mean, if the problem is the delay in the wallet coming out, that’s just a technical issue that will eventually get solved. I’m not too worried about it, have invested a fair amount and am content to wait. In the meantime I can generate public and private keys on their site and get my coins off of Bittrex if I want, but Bittrex has never been hacked to the best of my knowledge.


yes ofcourse, but I mean Daniel has published a twitter statement on 9 th august saying that the wallet is almost there, so you wait one day… nothing… wait another day and another day… At some point I need to quit… I wanted to believe that the wallet would be there, as Daniel said…

When the people show up at the forum of the coin itself to say how awful it is, you’re doing something right. Robertos1986- what do you hope to accomplish? If it’s nothing, you’ve succeeded. Do you think they’ll work faster because you’re threatening that the price is going to come down? You’re already been proven wrong about that and I don’t think you “quitting” means much to anyone, even yourself, or you wouldn’t threaten. I feel sorry for you.

I have plenty of questions and contentions with a business I invest in. It’s normal. Embarrassing yourself because no one can see you? Not a very good sign. Maybe you should worry about yourself before speculating on price of coins and tend to yourself. And be sure not to respond because I’m bored and can’t feed trolls any more than this.


the devellopers should read it as well, maybe time to be honest… finally…

It’s not a deal breaker for me. Let’s say SAFEX had something fundamentally unsound about it, or some other ICO comes along that does what SAFEX wants to do, and does it better, then I’d have serious reservations. I’m going to give the guy at least another week to get the wallet up and running. I’ve listened to interviews with Daniel and he seems to know what he is doing. I’m not a techie so I have to go on instinct and the reviews of people who dig deeper than I do. Based on that, I’m hanging on for awhile. I bought cheap and it would have to go down a fair amount for me to lose.


Posts like this make me buy more
Going all in now


Go for it!!!

well they can not really tell you what exact date wallet will be out, it like insider trading. and it complicated the softwares, need to fix all the bugs, so it take time. Be Patience and do due diligent on investing


This is not a new coin and the wallet is going to be released soon. They are fixing some UI issues. Better check github for source codes updates.

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These people freaking out about the wallet are either new to crypto or have way more invested than they can lose. Long term holders of this coin don’t like hearing people rushing the developers. Just chill, let them do it right. Your predictions are not helpful in any way at all. Just ask for an update like a normal person.


Guys, It seems I was wrong, the price is holding pretty good till now…

Yeah that’s why this is pretty useless to go around and shout random prediction both up or down because they tend to never happen unless they are based on facts and this is the reason people call on you doing FUD because claiming stuff is OK, as long as you can back it up with data or something that would make it logic.

Just like these useless argument I’ve been having with @dawnmarie131, if he/she can bring logical explanation to all those negative claim, I would have took time to read any links or info and adjusted my analysis accordingly but when people just go around and complain and throw accusation without anything to back them up, this is plain waste of time that lead inexperienced traders getting stressed out and panic selling therefore killing the price for everyone else.

Finally! Some data to work with and a civilized discussion :slight_smile: now we’re talking :smiley:

Alright so your point, that so far make sense, is that we need to have this wallet, not because it will raise the price like crazy but just to prove to people that there is really a team behind that do more then updating a website and that actually deliver a finished product.

I admit that this “Wallet” release is taking way more time then expected if we consider that yet it was announced back in May and they are technically working on it since then. Now your theory is that you don’t trust Dianiel and his team to deliver such product and you think that the price will be driven only by pump and dump correct?

Let’s start with this part, pump and dump is part of every coin and the recent spike up in the price, we both agree was created by both pump and dump + FOMO spreaded by youtubers and forum that leaded us to the point we are right now. So we agree here that unless Daniel and his team need to stop delaying his wallet and deliver his product so that the investors regain trust in the product and mostly in the capacity of Daniel and his team to proof they have the skill to deliver later the bigger project that is the Chille blockchain.

If what you say is true about this coin doing a “Chaincoin like” pump and dump with no tech on the background to validate such a raise in price, this will make no sense and the price will end up crashing so yet again we both agree on that fact. Now my point here is not about “Following Blindly” like you have stated earlier but at the same time to give this team some time to proof they are worth our investment and that is the part that is not blind faith but that I like to consider the gambling aspect of any investment.

All that to say that I agree 100% with you the fact that they will have to deliver soon but as for communication, it is definitely not perfect but as I stated earlier, If you are following twitter,the slack, the forum here, we cannot say Daniel did not keep us updated because he did. Now the communication need to be officiated so that it’s delivered at the same speed within all the outlet said earlier or that Daniel make it clear where all the official info will be delivered so that everyone can focus on one source that is updated daily/weekly according to the current stage and situation etc.

Now if we go back to your analysis, why didn’t you bring your point in the FAQ in a civilized matter like you just did with me right now? You would have been able to bring your point across with genuine questioning without going all out accusation style considering at this point, your questioning are legit. My point here is simply there is different ways to bring an idea and accusation and creating drama is, most of the time, not the best way to get your point straight and get your questions answered :wink:

Let see how it goes form here and hope that Daniel and his team will deliver soon and proof our theory wrong so that we can keep going on this venture without any FUD spread uselessly.


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