Price prediction and timeline?

With the opening of the market place, the release of the new wallet, and the general crypto bull market, what are people’s expectations for the price of both Safex token and cash? And what kind of timelines?

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Ah not doing that again, I done in 2018 not good result

I am curious for any input because I haven’t been following Safex development so closely. Am happy to see the token at 2.5 cents, but am curious to know if people think getting close to the previous ATH is the most that can be hoped for, or if with the advent of the marketplace there is hope for a lot higher? 5 or 6 cents would be fantastic for me, but I wouldn’t want to cash out there if there is chance for 20 cents or more!

I’d say cash out at 12cent, but allot will stick it out hoping for $1.5, then its serious, you can not cash out at 5 or 6 cent. I’d be tempted at 60cent

With the opening of the market place, the release of the new wallet, and the general crypto bull market , - you forgot about the exchange listings.
The point is to have a safe and easy to use marketplace with a rising volume, everything else will come.

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Thanks for your input. 60 cents would be fantastic. I wonder how soon that might be achieved…

If TWM were to become very popular and has billions spent on it per year. SFT could realistically reach $1 in the first few months and just keep climbing.

Rev. share in itself will cause 70%+ of tokens to be permanently locked away causing scarcity of the token. The higher the spending on the marketplace, the higher SFT will be valued, as people will want to earn the 5% rev. share. It’s also required by all users to create accounts, so large user base = high demand for SFT.

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Longterm value will heavily depend on actual usage of the blockchain. TWM has yet to prove that people actually gonna use it. This can take years. Doesn’t mean that phantasies about possible future scenarios won’t send prices to the moon, markets actually always reflect the future ahead, not the current situation. But be careful with these kind of calculations, don’t just open a spreadsheet and calculate yourself a millionaire - as an early stage invest this is still VERY speculative and there are many possible scenarios for the future.

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Agreed! Not writing myself up as a paper millionaire, but more asking for advice on what seems possible, particularly as I haven’t been following Safex so closely the last 18 months or so. Worse than prematurely expecting to be a millionaire would be to sell too soon and miss out on the chance to bring 5x or 10x more.

Maybe this article is interesting to you:

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