Price speculations

Hello everyone,

I would like to hear different opinions about current and future price.

Honestly, I didn’t believe it will drop this low, but I believe it will go much much higher as how project progress and I can’t wait to see dividend system working with MP :).

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As we know from crypto, currently prices are made up 90% by speculation and 10% fundamentals. If we want to predict prices purely based on fundamentals we can do this. Two very good articles which give good fundamentals for speculation are the following ones:

Safex Cash:

Safex Token:

If you put these together, you can give a minimum(!) value for SFX based on the marketplace volume and the velocity of money of the currency SFX.

Based on the fact, that SFT is generating regular cash flow for its holders, I would say that the Token should be worth at least(!) 10c for every 100M USD yearly transaction volume on the market.

Example: 500M USD volume in the first 6 month would result in a price of SFX being ~ 2 USD and SFT being ~ 1 USD

The velocity of money is massively influenced by long term hodlers of SFX. Therefore, the real velocity of money could be way lower which would result in a higher price of SFX. A halvening of the velocity of money results in a double of the price.

Regarding SFT, a future growth of the volume could be priced in which would then result in a higher valuation of the Token.

If we take these fundamentals and factors of speculation together, we can assume following scenarios:

500M USD 6 months after marketplace opening
2-20 USD for SFX
1-10 USD for SFT

100M USD 6 months after marketplace opening
0.40-4 USD for SFX
0.20-2 USD for SFT

These calculations do not take into account the interest of miners into SFX. If more miners join the network and the hash rate increases, the price of SFX could be way higher too. These are calculations based purely on the fundamentals of velocity of money and models of Profit/Earning ratios in the Stock Market.


Dropping low equals "on sale " IMHO

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