Project Management! Constructive criticisma from an investor


I work as a project manager for a company the has multi-million dollar contracts and answers to clients that average hundreds of millions to billions a year. It doesn’t matter how well intentioned, how unique, how essential my company is… it only matters at the end of the day… I deliver what I said I would, when I would for the price they expect.

Now it’s true with all projects that hiccups happen, some aren’t foreseen, some don’t have an easy answer, sometimes you are honest with the client, other times you aren’t. I maybe biased, but this project needs a properly skilled project manager. We make small decisions that put out big fires in the future, our job is to SEE the future; how a scenario is seen by the client, when we should talk to the client, what we should say, how to say it and when to say it. We determine where money should be spent, where it should be saved, where time should be allocated and what’s important now vs. what’s important later. We listen to everyone. We ask questions of everyone. We are jacks of all trades (and ultimately… master of none… we don’t need to be).

A good project manager would’ve foresaw your schedule for development, travel, media, etc. and prevented you from giving a solid date on the wallet project. A good project manager would set goals and within those goals, what would be announced and what wouldn’t. It’s always better to exceed expectations. I would never have given a date for the wallet release. I would’ve made sure it was tested and re-tested by different groups, make it super intuitive. When it was working and we were only fine tweaking… I would’ve leaked it would be out soon, not give a date, then release.

You don’t need to give dates. You’re coin will keep more value if you communicate, DON’T give hard dates and always deliver a product that exceeds expectations.

I’ve seen companies go broke making money. I’ve seen companies go broke with good ideas. They all have the same problem, fail to deliver, fail to collect and fail to connect with clients.

I hope you have learned. Access your community. Expand. Hire. YOU NEED MANAGEMENT!!!

I hope you see this.

Good Luck!


Careful, they banned my friend for suggesting that. I agree, any reasonable developer would understand they had more than one week of work left. Most likely two. There was no rush besides the self imposed deadline. After that trolling investors with comments about how good a sandwich tasted… serious changes must be made in how this company operates. Set back happen, but the communication aspect has driven several people away permanently.

I’m hoping that I won’t be banned for making an articulate, professional suggestion because that would be a terrible indication of this company’s standards. There are many negative posts on this forum. I don’t wish to be negative. There is great potential here, just poor execution.


Wait im confused, is this constructive criticism or the preface to your resume?

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Sounds good. Pragmatic. Hopefully the latter…

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Cant understand why you havent developed and managed your own blockchain.

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Nice resume. Hopefully you will get in the team. A project manager with skin in the game would likely do a better job to make sure the company succeeds.

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Yes i agree, but at the same time investors also need to temper greed and have patience. Good technology takes time.

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I think its always chaotic when setting foundations for any kind of new technology or project. Dan is being a, what they call in the IT world, ninja. Having to balance many skills at once. I’m sure once some of these baby problems are hammered out, he will be able to actually afford a specialized team. :slight_smile:

Thats when OP should have his CV ready. :wink:


Price of any asset is only a reflection of what investors anticipate to happen to it in the future. Safex does have poor management and this is the case with many new crypto projects. It worth to mention thought that there are plenty good managers around but not that many people have bright creative ideas. Managers come and go but I doubt anyone can replace Dan in this project.


Whatever you do, DO NOT BE LIKE XVGWHALE.

The entire reason investors lost coinfidence in XVG now is due to the drama between him and McAFee. McAFee’s tweets by themselves do not even do any damage to XVG. It was Whale’s drama that damaged the team’s image.


^^^^ This. I was a big holder, and then I got sick watching all of the drama unfold. And the expectations around the Wraith release were absolutely disgusting to me. I drank the cool aid for a bit, then abandoned ship… SAFEX is a grown adult in comparison, and at the same time the past couple of weeks can provide a great learning lesson, at least for myself. I love crypto and trading, and I love the idea of SAFEX the most.