Proving Coindeal transaction

To get the tx_key which can be used to prove that you sent the transaction, you must execute the get_tx_key with the txid of the transaction you are trying to prove.

Note: if you did rescan_bc or “hard rescan” this will remove the random data that was generated for generating this get_tx_key which will make it more difficult to prove your sending these coins.

At present the only way to execute this is to use the CLI wallet.

Note: you can open the safexcashwallet (orbiter) wallet file with the CLI wallet.

At present, I don’t understand the context, what is the issue with coindeal? Maybe a solution can be made, but if only I understood the context.

I tried opening cafexcashwallet in latest cli but there the cli crashes.

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Please stand by, also if you can provide more context to your issue it can be easier to understand what you can do.

@modimo you can open the cli but you will need to remove the data file so there are two files: .keys file and a file without an extension if you put just the .keys file in the folder where you access from command line it will open, it will rescan the blockchain.

The caveat is that you won’t be able to access get_tx_key without the original data file, there are other ways to prove sending funds, but this method will not be possible. So once again, asking what the context is and maybe I can help you further.

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reading the thread over again, it seems already that rescan_bc was used, so this data was removed as it is done. In this case to prove the transaction there are few other methods. Just to understand what is the purpose? so other party might be able to use that to accept the proof.

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What version of cli wallet is able to open safex cash wallet to obtain txkey?

You can try with the cli wallet from v6, but if you already wiped your data file in the past, the tx_key won’t be there.

There are other ways to prove the transaction, hence I asked what context you needed it in. It’s a bit tough, I asked a few times for the context to better help you.

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