Pure PHP implementation of Levin protocol

For a couple of days, I’ve been developing pure PHP implementation of Levin protocol that safex(and other monero based forks) use for p2p communication.

I case someone needs it, it’s available on https://github.com/denpamusic/php-levin
It’s fully working, just with no tests and documentation as of now (will be added in future)
Hopefully I can use it to create node monitor for safex nodes (like this one for bitcoin https://bitnodes.earn.com/).

On side note, while poking around, I’ve found out that safex’s network id is literally “safexmoonlambo4x”, which I found extremely amusing :joy:


This looks pretty cool. I’ll have a play with it!


Thank you!

Most of the tests are done and I’ll updated readme with info on supported commands.
Right now limited command support is fine for my initial goal of creating safex node monitor, but in long-term, my aim is to implement all monero commands and (if possible) notifications in this project.

This project is also available on packagist [composer require denpa/php-levin@dev-master]