#DANIEL DĄBEK When we see Safex on alibaba or Amazon??
u plan make easer for users??
u plan create Mobile wallet for Safex comunity??
And please try contact me private becose i need too ask u verry important
THANK U AND I BELIVE THAT WE BEEN NUMBER ONE IN CRYPTO WORLD :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Makes no sense…

why no sence???if safex go too Alibana and Amazon then will be most powerfull crypto

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Do you know Safex Project? In the best case, Safex replaces alibaba and amazon…

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If safex go too Alibana and Amazon it can only do some shopping, not much power there

I understand your point for sure; however, I think that the business model for the Safex ecosystem will compete with and succeed neck and neck with Alibaba and Amazon.

Even one of our engineers who is contributing to the Safex Wallet is an engineer over at Alibaba.



i hope somday we have mobile wallet
will be nice and more easy
thx for answer

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This is from tron Q&A:
“Lucien Chen: There are about 50 persons in TRON’s technical team currently. Our team is expanding rapidly. There will be 80 people joining the team before July 1st, 80% among them are above Alibaba P6 or same level.”

What is the difference between SAFEX and TRON, besides dividends?