Quadraticvoting Sounds Like Music for SAFEx

Quadraticvoting: Hear about it here at 40.05

Read about it here:

This sounds like a better way to vote and distrubute SAFE Exchange Coins and really incentives people to vote on SAFEx.

I still think that, there should be evidence of contracts that the DBOT voted on. If you vote/comment on a wrong contract, it should cost you money or be visible, so that people see a breadcrumb of what you did in the past. If you want it erase, you should pay in SEC.


I like the breadcrumbing idea, the fact is that anyone can keep track of anything they want on Safe. Just like Internet Archive does. check it out archive.org it spiders the internet and saves the html it gets back or at least some of it. Imagine a bot that just archives all the structured data of the safe network. Effectively someone can load up the contract with safecoin in advance and enable “breadcrumbing”.

Of course only public info would get caught in such a web.

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Quadraticvoting can also be very useful. You basically vote with money. If you want a idea to be implemented, you can do this (I’m copying Arthur S Falls here) Pay 1 dollar for your first vote, 10 dollar for your second vote and 100 dollar for your third and final vote. When everybody voted, the money get split up equally (very important here NOT PROPORTIONALLY) between the voters.

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