Quebec Maple Syrup

It’s that time of year again. The maple syrup is running and the sugar shacks are boiling. Every year I go and gather the harvest from a friends dads farm. Érablière Papy Pierre is a local sugar shack in Sutton, Quebec. I am offering safex members the chance to get small batched “farm to table” quality maple syrup. These cans are not blended to a grade and have various levels of sugar and color. It is a taste you can only get if you are local. If you would like a taste of the culture of Quebec. Let me know and I will put it on the safex marketplace for purchase. The price is usually around $8 USD a can. A can is 540ml. There are 8 cans to a box. Reply and let me know. :handshake:


I’d hate to imagine what the shipping costs to Australia would be :grimacing:


Maple syrup can be conserved for a very long time. I would use the local post office to send, which would take a few weeks. attached is the estimated shipping to the Sydney Opera House address.


Shipping to Tazzie ain’t cheap from SF. California is just out of control. Maybe Canada is a little more congenial.


@timmay_castags please do list it, are you putting it up on the Big Box app?

I’d happily buy some and promote as well!


All I needed was an excuse to setup big box. Thanks Dan. I’ll get a couple extra gallons and list them on big box. I’ll update this thread with the listing in about a week.