question about one click miner

Hello guys,
i have seen the video of dan yesterday where he pleased the people to mine safex, so i thought, why not, i like safex since more than 2 years, an if i can, i will help, at least a bit, cos i only have a gaming pc with one 1070, but ok, thats another story…
so i started with the mcafee on click miner… sooo, now it runs since 8hrs, and if i get this right my Current Payout Estimate is 0.2 SFX…
so 0,2 of a coin that is worth less than 2cent is hard… or do i get this wrong…
sry guys for that maybe stupid question, i really have no glue when it comes to mining, so if somebody could explain me that would be very helpful, thank you…


The low hash rate is due to the 1 click miner app being only a CPU miner and not GPU.

There are a number of guides out there which will show you how to mine with your graphics card.

Here is a basic guide. The principles remain the same but the mining software may have changed since. However, it should remain similar to how the guide runs.


thank you so much, i did it! with a 1070 i get more than 400 h/s now, thats great…
just one more question, with 400h/s i should take the 3333 port, or is it ok to stay at 1111?
once again, thank you so much!

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The ports don’t necessarily matter over time as the pool will automatically adjust your difficulty to match your hash rate.

By selecting 3333 it just means your difficulty is closer to where the pool would have eventually adjusted you to.

Good luck and enjoy your mining!

A few tips - it’ll take a minimum of two hours before you start seeing any results. This is because mined blocks take 60 confirmations to unlock.

Consistency is key! Keep at it, through the highs and the lows. It’ll always pay off in the long-term.

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thank u, already got my first 14 sfx! love it!!!