Question: I have 41,000 Safex on the Bitrex. Are they all gone?

Question: I have 41,000 Safecs on the Bitrex. Are they all gone?
What should I do?

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Download the Safex Wallet from the Homepage and send the coins to the new created adress.

I have a purse named Saffex. I sent it twice. But Bittrex did not send. Writes there is no such address.

I cannot help you. Maybe you close bittrex and open it again. Sry man

Did you download the wallet from here: ?

Can you please post a screenshot? Maybe I can help.

Did you confirm withdrawal using your email? CHeck your Pending Withdrawals and Withdrawal History at . Is your withdrawal listed there? With + you can see details.

I sent it twice. Right now.

The most interesting thing is that the commission 100.00000000 has been written off

Hmmm, that’s weird, I’ve never seen that before. Are you sending this to your Safex wallet?

Also, what do you mean the commission has been written off? Did they take 100 Safex each time you tried to transfer, or not? Want to clarify.

Edit to add: That looks like a valid address to me, 34 characters.

Yes. This is my wallet at
Я отправил на Биттрекс запрос. Пока тишина.

I sent - 41904,17458065 Safecs .
The commission has written off 100.00000000. Sending failed.
Now on the purse of Bittrex- 40904,17458065 . photo when I sent.

Holy shit, they did jack your Safex for a failed withdrawn.

I apologize, but I won’t be able to help you with this. You are going to have to contact Bittrex support. Hopefully they do the right thing and make this right quickly.

already contacted. I await their answer to my questions. Thank you!

Did you answer the withdrawal confirmation email?

of course yes!

Max do you live in Sweden

did you send it from bittrex to bittrex? the address looks the same???