Question regarding performance / expectancies (3700X + GTX1080Ti)

Dear all,

I’ve mined some other coins in the past, but recently got interested in SafeX mining. I’m currently sporting a 3700X 8C/16T with PBO unlocked and DDR4-3600 CL14, together with an GTX1080 Ti. My current hashrate is about 8kh/s, with a supposed max of 9.2kh/s. I’m running XMRig 6.3.0 with CUDA plugin. A few questions:

  1. Before I started safexd and synced the blockchain I would only get 5kh/s, it seemed, with about a payout of 15 SafeX per 12 hours. It seemed on the low side, but is there a relation between having the blockchain syncing and mining performance? I couldn’t find a link anywhere, and don’t recognize this from any other previous mining activities;
  2. With the safexd blockchain nearly synced I’m at about 8.3kh/s and perhaps still slowly moving upward. Can I expect to hit near the expected max of 9kh/s? (UPDATE: I can get about 8.8kH/s max with the GTX1080Ti/CUDA providing about 10% of it)
  3. Is using XMRig the most profitable / efficient way on Windows 10? I don’t plan on plugging a dedicated USB OS just yet on this workstation. I would consider investing in a dedicated CPU mining rig if all is clear;
  4. I see people posting benchmarks of RandomSFX between Ryzen 8-core 2000-series (4kh/s) and Ryzen 6-core 3000-series (6.5kh/s!). What are known ways to improve hashrate? Is it high-end memory speed/timings, some Windows software adjustments, etc.? I’m having a hard time finding more in this on the forum / web;
  5. In the miner I see the GTX1080Ti being used… sporadically? It’s speeds are usually in idle / 2D mode, rather than blasting full-speed and heating up. Is the GPU used properly, just by adding the Cuda files and setting it to “true” in the config.json file? I assume it works, as I’m getting into the low 8kh/s, but I don’t know what its actual impact on the total score should be.

I hope I didn’t overlook the answers to these questions and maybe someone can shed some light on this.

All the best and thanks very much!


Hi there. I can summarize my case: Ryzen 3900x , 16GB ram 3200MHz, also GTX 1080 Ti:

  • I was checking performance of components on and because RandomSFX (adjusted RandomX algo) is CPU oriented I decided to not use my graphic card, but could get around 1 KH on it.
  • For getting better performance on CPU I did: Enabled huge pages, a bit overclocked CPU (Ryzen master), run miner as admin, tweaked RAM timings and speed (used Thaiphoon Burner and DRAM Calculator for Ryzen).
  • Connected to a pool ( - no fee pool from Safex foundation), so I am not running any safexd locally.

All the best


@gale Thanks for your response!

I’m still having some odd problems.

When I leave my system on overnight (screen goes off), the actual performce drops to 5kH/s, rathern than 8.5kH/s+.

So I turn the screen back on, and this happens:

[2020-07-30 12:36:53.348] miner speed 10s/60s/15m 5777.4 5653.6 5599.7 H/s max 9044.1 H/s [2020-07-30 12:36:58.928] net new job from diff 791261 algo rx/sfx [2020-07-30 12:37:01.931] net new job from diff 791261 algo rx/sfx [2020-07-30 12:37:16.978] net new job from diff 791261 algo rx/sfx [2020-07-30 12:37:19.973] net new job from diff 791261 algo rx/sfx [2020-07-30 12:37:31.001] net new job from diff 791261 algo rx/sfx [2020-07-30 12:37:40.728] net new job from diff 474739 algo rx/sfx [2020-07-30 12:37:54.361] miner speed 10s/60s/15m 8662.8 7715.3 5737.9 H/s max 9044.1 H/s

See the difference in speed? The 5kH/s is what it does for hours, but it starts with 8.5kH/s and when I turn back on the screen / move the mouse / interact with the cmd window, it gets back from 5 to 8.5kH/s.

I tested this with and without CUDA enabled, but it makes little to no difference in this problem.

Anyone know what’s up with that?

Hm, Maybe to check if there are any power/performance settings which lower your cpu speed or so after some time (when your screen goes black/sleep)

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Thanks for the idea! I checked my Power Options in Win10 which are set to “Ryzen Balanced”, but with CPU performance always at 100%. I just went out for 15 mins and already found the miner throttled to 5kH/s rather than 8.5kH/s. But, as soon as I interact with the machine, the speed goes back up to normal. Very curious!

Maybe you can download Ryzen Master and create your own profile where you will force CPU to be always on same speed. I did that myself the same when I did some changes to speed and voltage. But before that check some videos/tutorials how to play with it. Nothing complicated, just to be careful to not undervolt or to overclock it too much.