Questions about SAFEX addresses on the new blockchain


I’ve been watching Dan’s new tutorial video and the one posted by safexnews and I have some questions.

Why is the wallet giving us a public and secret “Spend Key” and a public and secret “View Key” when the offline wallet generator located here: only gives us a secret “Spend Key” and a secret “View Key”. In other words, why does the wallet have two additional keys?

Also, if I use the “My Address” option in the migration wallet, it means I already have an address on the new Blockchain so I don’t need the wallet to generate one for me. Why do I have to enter my secret keys? Are they sent to the migration script through the bitcoin transaction? If they are private, I would think they are not. So why do I have to enter them here?



The keys will be used to keep your anonymity.

second question is I think it’s because it’s “your” wallet !

So you need to put your keys in your wallet.

Your supposed to be the only one using your wallet.

So you need to know your keys (save them) outside the wallet and also activate (first time) the wallet with your keys.
If let say you lose the wallet…
You will need to reactivate the wallet with your keys.
Your private keys keep “you” in control, your public key don’t do that.


Thanks. So I guess the wallet doesn’t really need the private keys entered since they are not used in the migration? You only need to enter the “SAFEX ADDRESS” for the migration?

Also, I’m still not clear why there are five addresses (wallet, public spend, secret spend, public view, secret view) in the Safex wallet (in section NEW ADDRESS) when the offline wallet generator only shows three (the public address and two private keys (spend and view)).



the public version of the private keys is extracted form the private keys; every private key essentially has its corresponding public key.

So it is a bit redundant to display the public key part sure;