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Does anyone at Balkaneum know what the equivalent payout per day will be on sfx mining on the new algo.

Looking for a ratio, Say 5mh on the algo we on is equal to how many Kh on the new algo

Since GPU and GPU is differently weight in new algo its a little more difficult to calculate changes than from one CN to another CN.

If this numbers are true CPU mining will be Way more efficient than GPU, in this case CPU will rise quite steep in H/s while GPU will fall. But I don’t know how exact this benchmarks are…

But looks something like 5MH/s CPU would become 50MH/s while 5MH/s GPU would become 1.5MH/s or something (haven’t calculated exact numbers, but it seems that extreme when I look at the benchmarks and not getting something terrible wrong.


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But maybe CPU miner is just way more improved than gpu miner and they’ll get closer soon… Wo knows?

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